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What we choose not to use: Petroleum and mineral oil

You’ll find petroleum and mineral oil on the list of ingredients that BodyVerde Naturals does NOT include in its products. These are common ingredients in many skin care products that are marketed as moisturizing and soothing to the skin. So why do we avoid them?

Straight petroleum jelly has been used as a basic facial moisturizer for over a century, since its introduction in 1870, according to Today, petroleum and mineral oil are found not only in petroleum jelly and baby oil, but in many other skin creams and lotions.

Petroleum and mineral oil act as a barrier to keep moisture in. As a result, they can clog pores and slow down normal skin cell processes – affecting the skin’s natural detoxification mechanisms and its ability to renew. They also may aggravate eczema and acne.

Some sources point to studies that show higher incidences of tumors in mice with frequent application of moisturizers containing petroleum. (See Other research has shown that women with breast cancer have double the levels of hydrocarbons – substances found in petroleum jelly – in their breasts than women who have not had breast cancer, reports.

Additionally, there’s a valid environmental concern about using non-renewable resources, including petrochemicals, in skin care products.

Bottom line, it’s simply not necessary to use petroleum and mineral oil. Our customers achieve results with plant-based, renewable ingredients that soak in with nutritive, healing benefits, which are found in all of our all-natural skincare products. That’s reason enough for us to avoid them.

Image: Steve Calcott / Flickr

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