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What made a mom of four young children, who already had a full-time job, find the time to research and create a new skincare product to treat eczema? What product is her hands-down favorite? What lessons has she learned when starting a new business?

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Skin Treatment by Body Verde

We interviewed the owner of BodyVerde Natural Skincare Products, Sue Donnellan. She makes natural skin treatments for several different purposes. Most of her products can actually be used for different things such as reducing wrinkles, curing cracked heels and hydrating your skin. The ingredients on each of her products are also really easy to find (and you can actually pronounce them). She shares her story on how she started Body Verde and what her favorite product is "a medicine cabinet in a bottle".

Tell us a little bit about your background/story and what inspired you to create Body Verde.

I started the company by trying to find a natural alternative to steroid cream for treating one of my triplets’ eczema. That’s what brought me to the lab, working with a chemist, to come up with a formula that would work. The result, Fresh Skin Rx, managed the itching and discomfort of my son’s eczema so well, he went from using steroid cream for an entire month down to just a few times a month – and we soon found it had many, many other uses as well, such as relieving chapped skin, sunburn, common rashes and taking the itch out of mosquito bites. From there I realized there was a need for additional natural products for children and adults.

As featured on Ecobold.comWhat are some differences between conventional skincare products versus yours? What ingredients should we watch out for?

Part of the reason I created the products that I did was because I didn’t want preservatives like parabens and propylene glycol or pore-clogging petroleum and mineral oil in skincare products. I didn’t want those ingredients to get absorbed into tiny bodies or even my body. This is an all-natural line, one that you can feel safe about using on your children and yourself. Another factor that separates BodyVerde products from conventional products is our affordability. We really try to streamline our manufacturing process so we can pass the cost savings on to our customers. Our products are manufactured locally in Boise, Idaho.

We just saw that some skincare companies have a pink ribbon and donate a percentage of their proceeds to fight cancer while they're making products with ingredients that can cause cancer, why do you think they use such ingredients?

Some companies may be uninformed or unaware of the side effects of certain ingredients, or they may be more focused only on company performance. This company and these products are personal to me. I’m a mom, creating products that I use myself and on my children and my customers use on themselves and their children.

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