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Shave Time Off Your Busy Day

Pardon the pun, but part of the beauty of buying all-natural skincare and beauty products from a small company is that we listen to your feedback and requests.

BodyVerde Naturals skincare and beauty products Speed Shave woman shaving paraben-free shaving eco-shavingOver the years – and especially since we created our Facebook page – we’ve listened to your comments and questions when thinking about what ideas to develop into new products. We’ve been able to take this invaluable information straight to our chemist to come up with an effective, affordable and safe new daily cleanser, purifying toner and acne treatment products, all of which will be available soon here at

You’ll see that all of our products have a brand-new look – and one of them has a new name. EZ Waterless Shave has always been one of our best-sellers, but we wanted to better capture the essence of what it’s all about. Many customers love the idea of using an all-natural shaving cream that uses less water (up to five gallons a minute less, if you shave in the shower) and one that’s chemical-free (no questionable ingredients applied to the skin or rinsed down the drain).

But what our customers really love about our shaving cream is that it’s so quick and easy to use. Both men and women have told us that it has literally cut their shaving time in half! Those of us who love traveling and camping, who spend a lot of time on the road, or who simply want to spend less time grooming find it very useful to have a shaving cream that requires no lathering or rinsing, that can be used anywhere, on the go.

That’s why we’ve renamed our all-natural shaving cream Speed Shave and packaged it in a new pump dispenser. It’s still the same paraben-free shaving cream and has the same light, citrus scent. Give it a try – and in the meantime, keep sharing your ideas with us.

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