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Natural doesn’t have to cost more

Just as consumers are becoming more willing to spend a little more for organic and natural food, they’re also willing to expand their budget for natural skin care and beauty products – especially products for babies and children.

In fact, sales of natural health and beauty care products increased 11 percent in 2011, reaching $8.5 billion in the United States, according to

BodyVerde Naturals: affordable natural skincare and beauty productsParents are making the switch to natural skin care and beauty products for good reason: infants’ and children’s skin is relatively more permeable, allowing small bodies to absorb more of a product’s ingredients.

Many baby and children’s skin care products contain synthetic compounds that actually do more harm than good. These harsh additives strip the skin of its natural oils, disturbing pH balance and causing irritation such as vaginitis and urinary tract infections.

Does natural have to cost more? Not necessarily. Products labeled “natural” and “organic” can cost more than their mainstream counterparts because more high-quality ingredients are used; green packaging can be more costly; and they’re often made in smaller, more environmentally friendly facilities without the economies of scale of giant manufacturers.

But at the same time, most small companies that make these products aren’t spending millions of dollars on packaging and advertising – so they’re able to pass the savings along to their customers. Products are more concentrated and more effective, so consumers get more for their money. Most importantly, going natural is less costly in terms of health and wellness.

BodyVerde Naturals began with the desire to create an effective, non-steroid cream to treat eczema in a child. That first product, Fresh Skin Rx, led to the creation of others. The multi-purpose Miracle Skin Renew Serum has become a best-seller because it can be used for stretch marks during pregnancy to diaper rash to healing a variety of boo-boos, including cuts, scrapes, burns and bites.

Everything BodyVerde sells is $19.99 or less. As we like to say: Not processed, not pricey.

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