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It’s All in the Routine

The steps in one’s daily skincare routine are as unique as the individual. We change products over time, add new products to the mix, or reconsider the frequency with which we use them.

For those who have, or are making, the transition to all-natural skincare products, devising a routine can take a little time. It doesn’t have to be all-or-nothing; All-natural skincare routinechanging just one product at a time can help. Look for preservative- and sulfate-free products that contain no propylene glycol, petroleum, mineral oil or animal-based ingredients – all of which apply to BodyVerde’s skincare and beauty line. Beware that labels aren’t always wholly accurate and check the ingredients list, too. If it’s unpronounceable, think twice.

Keep in mind that products made from botanical ingredients may need to be used more frequently, and it may take a few weeks of regular use, to experience optimal results.

A simple routine using all-natural products can – in fact, should – be highly effective. Many women (and men) can benefit from a pared-down skincare routine that includes a gentle cleanser and eye cream morning and night; a sunscreen with an SPF of 15+ and a gentle, pore-minimizing moisturizer in the morning; and a hydrating, anti-aging moisturizer at night. Be sure to use the same sunscreen and moisturizer on your neck and the backs of your hands to avoid early signs of aging.

An acne spot treatment, a skin-refining mask, an age-correcting serum and a lip moisturizer also may be added to the mix, depending on one’s needs.

What matters most is that the routine is simple enough to do consistently day after day. Started early in life, a good skincare routine – along with regular exercise, healthy eating and stress management techniques – can help keep skin looking youthful without highly processed, expensive products.

Image: shawncampbell / Flickr

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