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Ingredient spotlight: Sea buckthorn

This tiny berry native to Asia has long been used for skin therapy. It has been used for dry skin, eczema, and abrasions.

It provides natural burn treatment. In fact, Russian cosmonauts used it to protect them from chemical and radiation burns caused by cosmic radiation.

Sometimes called a “superfruit,” like acai and goji berries, sea buckthorn is a natural way to treat inflammation.

Sea buckthorn is rich in healing vitamins, including vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2 and K, as well as phytosterols, carotenoids and fatty acids, including palmitoleic BodyVerde Naturals skincare and beauty products Miracle Skin Renew Serum sea buckthornacid, a natural component of skin fat.

Chosen for these healing properties, sea buckthorn is just one of 16 skin-healing extracts in Miracle Skin Renew Serum. Others include sesame, jojoba, coconut, grape seed, meadowfoam, rosehip, and avocado. They’re combined in a serum to pack extra healing power.

In early testing, Miracle Skin Renew Serum began working overnight to heal wounds and prevent scars, treat insect bites, soothe chapped lips and rough hands, eliminate cold sores, soften cuticles – even treat a dog’s sores and ease diaper rash.

Since then customers have found literally dozens of uses for the serum. One customer called it “Mom’s kisses in a bottle” and others wrote to say they keep a bottle in each room of the house, the car and in a purse and diaper bag.

As always, read ingredients labels. Other popular topical treatments contain sulfates, antibiotics, and allergy-inducing ingredients. All-natural skincare helps reduce the body’s overall chemical load and can speed the healing process.

Image: Arthur Chapman / Flickr

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