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How to go greener with your skin care routine

Going green with skin care and beauty products can be a daunting effort. With so many products marketing themselves as “natural,” how do you know if you’re really making a difference?

If you’re concerned about reducing the number of toxins absorbed by your body and rinsed down the drain, you can start by focusing on eliminating products with certain ingredients, and by changing a few products at a time.

Here are some ingredients to consider eliminating:BodyVerde Naturals natural green skin care beauty regimen

Start by replacing just one or two products that you use most often, such as soap, facial cleanser, moisturizer and shampoo. Next you can move on to other skin products, other hair products and shaving cream.

The Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep cosmetics database can help you research brands, although many natural products still aren’t listed in it.

Any reputable natural skin care brand will offer a complete product list on the label – and hopefully on its web site as well. For each of BodyVerde Naturals’ products, you can view a complete list of ingredients for each product by clicking on the “Ingredients” tab on each product page.

For more information: What Are Natural Skin Care Products, Anyway?

Image: Eric Horst / Flickr

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