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Give your skin the royal treatment

While not all of us can afford spa visits or regular salon trips, we want our skin care and beauty products to work well and make us feel good about ourselves.

Yet we've often found that pretty packaging, engineered ingredients and supermodel advertising can come at a cost. They’re no guarantee that the product will work well – or that a product truly is “green.” (An Ipsos poll found that 70 percent of Americans believe that when a company labels a product green, it’s usually done for marketing purposes.)

With BodyVerde, we sought a way to make it all come together. We create effective, affordable all natural skin care products made from real ingredients. Our small line includes a popular anti-wrinkle skin cream, a waterless shave cream and a pore minimizer, and everything costs $19.99 or less. We do this by using small, U.S.-based production facilities, minimal packaging and almost no traditional advertising. You can find each and every ingredient listed on our web site (see example).

The result? Skin that looks naturally healthy at any age and leaves you feeling like you got a royally good deal. (You can also get FREE SHIPPING on any order of $30 or more for one more day; just select “free shipping” at checkout.)

What’s your secret for treating your skin well without breaking the bank? Do you have a favorite DIY skin treatment or do you splurge on certain products but not others? Please leave a comment on our new blog – we’re looking forward to interacting with our customers here as well as on Facebook and Twitter.


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