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Do more with less

Is "simplify" one of your resolutions this year?

If you'd like to use fewer products (and fewer chemicals), reduce the hassle, lower your cost and be greener, here's an easy daily skin care routine:

  • Start off the day by dry brushing the skin in circular motions toward the heart, followed by a 5- to 10-minute shower. Try to lower your water temperature to go easier on your skin. Turn off water and shave with EZ Waterless Shave. Rub in excess to moisturize.Go green and simplify with BodyVerde
  • Alternately, apply a gentle oil or all-over crème such as Secret Glow to still-wet skin.
  • Use a mild cleanser on your face and apply Pore Tight as a daily exfoliator/moisturizer/anti-aging pore minimizer all in one. If needed, apply Wrinkle Free Perfection Serum to temporarily plump and smooth lines on the face. Hydrate and keep lips looking younger with Lip Perfect Smoothing Serum.
  • Throughout the day, drink plenty of water to flush out toxins and make healthy food choices, which will help skin look better without cosmetics and beauty products.
  • In the evening, rub a little Miracle Renew Skin Serum on a painful paper cut or massage on dry hands or scalp. Slather some Fresh Skin Rx on scaly patches or on cracked winter feet, under socks.
  • Finally, take time to cleanse the face – and exfoliate, three to four times per week – and the neck. Smooth on a layer of Wrinkle Free Perfection Night Moisturizer to nourish skin for the next 24 hours. Let its gentle lavender scent lull you into sweet slumber.


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