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Customer story: Quick healing for insect bites

One of our customers recently told us the story of eagerly planting a rose bush in her garden, impatiently batting aside an army of tiny ants as she worked.

Within minutes of finishing the job, she realized she had dozens of tiny ant bites on her arms and legs, each of which turned into its own small red welt. She applied Fresh Skin Rx and the effect was immediate: the itchiness and redness subsided, speeding the healing process. (See before photo, right.)

The antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal properties of tea tree oil make it ideal for natural skin care products. It can be used to treat acne, cuts, minor burns, and many skin conditions.

Fresh Skin Rx combines tea tree oil with aloe, vitamin E, glycerin, shea butter and cocoa butter to moisturize skin as it soothes. Our customers have found it an effective eczema cure, as well as a skin fungus treatment. Others have used it on poison ivy rashes, rashes from allergic reactions, dry skin and insect bites of all kinds, from ants to mosquitoes.

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