BodyVerde is About Natural Balanced Skincare

Inspiration for BodyVerde

Family Picture 2015We began with a simple desire to find safe, natural products for us and our children. This is a family business where our family values are applied to our product development.  If we won't put it on ourselves or our kids, we won't manufacture it.

In our quest to make great products, we turned to our family motto, which is "balance".  On a daily basis we try to find balance with family, work, exercise, friends, diet and leisure time.  So it made sense to look to nature, our greatest teacher, for it's innate balance of necessary resources when making our skincare line.

Our children had various skin conditions that were not getting results with over-the-counter creams or prescriptions. When we experimented with our formulations, we experienced firsthand the value of botanical, natural ingredients, the balance they give the skin and the compelling results they yield.  You can feel good about using our products on yourself and your whole family.

Our products are made right here in beautiful Idaho and shipped direct from our eco-friendly warehouse.

Why Natural

We believe in the powerful effects of pure, real ingredients and their capability of accelerating the body’s own amazing ability to heal itself. Those benefits cannot always be reproduced synthetically. Our skincare contains no fragrances, only essential plant oils, no coloring agents, no parabens, no phthalates, no mineral oil, no petroleum, no synthetic preservatives, no sulfates, no propylene glycol and never any animal products or testing on animals.

We utilize what nature provides – powerful antioxidants, soothing botanicals and nourishing vitamins. When combined the right way, these ingredients work together synergistically in a powerful yet gentle way to revitalize your skin. Botanical oils and plant derivatives work at the cellular level yielding reparative results.

Not Just Skincare

Healthy skin also needs to be nourished from the inside out. Many factors influence the condition of our skin – stress, diet, inflammation, hormone imbalance, accumulated toxins from the environment, prescription drug overload and so much more.

It is our hope that if you enjoy using BodyVerde products, you can make them part of your daily routine in finding more balance in your life. Skincare is only part of that process….making your body more oxygen rich, drinking good quality water, eating an alkaline diet, consistently exercising and taking time to feel grateful.…all of these help add harmony to your life. We hope our products will only be part of that discovery process for you!

Thank you for spending some of your time with us.