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Are your legs ready for spring? Try eco-shaving

Whether your weather is warming up or you’re going on spring break, it’s time to get out the capris, shorts, skirts – even swimsuits.

Some of us need to ease back into the shaving routine – making it a good time to make the switch to waterless shaving, or eco-shaving. Shaving in the shower may seem convenient, but consider the impact: it uses up to 5 gallons of water per minute.

A well-made razor is critical to doing the job right. Good Housekeeping lists their picks for the best women’s razors and even breaks down the cost for a year.Waterless shaving eco shaving

A good shave starts with good prep work. Start by exfoliating the skin – and we recommend dry brushing, which not only removes dead skin cells but also stimulates the lymphatic system. When done regularly, dry skin brushing keeps skin clear and invigorates the elimination of waste from the body. Use a natural bristle brush to make firm, sweeping strokes on the surface of the skin in the direction of the heart, starting with the bottom of the feet and moving to the spine and arms.

If this is part of your shower routine, do that next. It’s definitely not necessary before eco-shaving, but it will soften the skin and warm the room so that the hairs aren’t standing on end.

Next, find a comfortable place to stand or sit. Apply a thin layer of EZ Waterless Shave cream to one leg from ankle to knee. Using careful strokes with a new razor, gently shave upward. Tap off cream from razor if needed. Continue on upper leg and repeat for the other leg.

Once you’re done shaving, rub any excess cream into the skin for additional moisturizing.

By shaving this way, you’ve saved about 50 gallons of water, compared to spending 10 minutes of shaving in the shower, and you haven’t rinsed any chemicals down the drain. You’ve shaved and moisturized in one step, leaving your skin soft and smooth with all-natural botanicals such as aloe and chamomile. And you can do it anywhere – even en route to spring break – without hot water or hassles.

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