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Are the ancient ways better for your body – and your skin?

You’ve probably heard of the Paleo Diet, or “caveman diet,” based on the idea that we’re meant to eat as our Paleolithic-area ancestors did during pre-agricultural times. The diet emphasizes plant foods and excludes grain, dairy, sugar, and processed oils.

While it’s debatable whether the Paleo Diet is the “best” way to eat, any approach that emphasizes whole foods and real ingredients is likely to promote good BodyVerde Naturals Skincare and Beauty Products paraben-free essential oils all-naturalhealth.

Likewise, our ancestors have been using essential oils for centuries. Ancient Egyptians used olive oil, almond oil, or sesame oil to prevent wrinkles. The Bible makes many references to using olive oil, myrrh, and other oils for skincare. The Aborigines in Australia have long used tea tree oil to treat skin disorders, wounds, and cuts.

We believe in using some of these same plant, flower and sea extracts. They’re extremely rare: less than 1 percent of the earth’s plants contain them. But fortunately these precious botanicals are widely available for use in skincare products, and we’re learning all the time how to better use them.

At BodyVerde, our chemist spends months researching, developing and testing the precise formulations of essential oils and other whole ingredients that become the unique recipes for our all-natural skincare and beauty products.

The reward is in the results. We find it tremendously fulfilling to bring new products to market that offer the best of both worlds: time-tested knowledge and modern research.

Image: Claudio Desteghene / Flickr

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