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Have you started your holiday shopping yet?For those of you that prefer to do your Black Friday shopping from your computer, we’ve put together a list of BodyVerde gift ideas for the people you love. Make your dollar go a little farther with practical, affordable and all-natural products they will use and remember. Each of our products costs just $19.99 or less, and we offer discount pricing on many items when you buy two or more of the same product.
By shopping with us, you’re supporting a small, independent business that puts customers first. We respond to your questions, appreciate your suggestions and welcome your feedback. Contact us any time.
BodyVerde’s 2011 all-natural skincare and beauty products gift guide
Want to “buy local” for other items as well? Search for handcrafted items such as lavender sachets or eye masks, cosmetic bags, socks or gloves.
For the guy in your life (husband, dad, brother)
EZ Waterless Shave and a well-made razor
For your mom
Wrinkle Free Night Perfection Moisturizer or Wrinkle Free Perfection Serum with a lavender sachet or eye mask
For your sister or best friend
Pore Tight with a pretty new cosmetic bag
For your neighbor, teacher or guy in your life
Miracle Skin Renew Serum with garden or household tools, kitchen gadgets, etc.
For your grandma or aunt
Secret Glow and soft socks (use the code 10DOLLARGLOW to get Secret Glow for just $10 through Nov. 30, 2011)
For your grandpa or uncle
Fresh Skin Rx and warm gloves
For a friend or baby-sitter
Lip Perfect Smoothing Serum and a thoughtful note
In response to interest in Canada and elsewhere, we now ship to anywhere in the world at USPS flat rate with tracking.

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