EZ Waterless Shave included in prostate BFFLbag®

We’re honored that our EZ Waterless Shave will be included in the new Prostate BFFLbag®.

BFFLbags are full of items that bring comfort and convenience to people facing treatment and surgery.

Elizabeth Chabner Thompson, MD, MPH, a radiation oncologist trained at Johns Hopkins and Harvard, founded BFFL Co. in 2011.(BFFL stands for “Best Friend for Life” and is pronounced “biffle.”) Her experiences, both as a double mastectomy patient and as a doctor treating cancer patients, led to the idea for a line of specially designed products to enhance patient care and recuperation.

In addition to the new Prostate Cancer bag, introduced this month in honor of National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, other BFFLbags are customized for Breast Cancer, Lumpectomy, Gynecological, Transplant, Mommy/Delivery and Neurological. The bags are available online at www.bfflco.com, through retailers such as 1-800-FLOWERS, and at many hospitals around the country.

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