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Do more with less

Posted by bodyverde on January 27, 2012

Is "simplify" one of your resolutions this year?

If you'd like to use fewer products (and fewer chemicals), reduce the hassle, lower your cost and be greener, here's an easy daily skin care routine:

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How well is your skin care routine working?

Posted by bodyverde on January 15, 2012

How long have you been loyal to your skin care regimen? Is it time to change it up?

Researchers at the University of Bath and Qatar University found that women were more loyal to beauty products and treatments when they didn’t work than when they did.

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A New Year’s wish for you

Posted by bodyverde on January 6, 2012

Even if you’re not a believer in New Year’s resolutions, do yourself the favor of setting a positive intention for the coming months:

I will be comfortable in my own skin.

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