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The proof in the little blue jar

Posted by bodyverde on August 28, 2011

How do all-natural skincare and beauty products compare with their not-so-natural counterparts? We recently found a big-name product that’s very similar in concept to one of ours -- but quite different in what it contains and what it costs.

From time to time, we highlight specific beauty product ingredients and how they benefit your skin. The calming properties of lavender, for example, help you relax and sleep better – which is why it’s an essential ingredient in our Wrinkle Free Perfection Night Moisturizer.

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Skin problems may be sign of a food allergy

Posted by bodyverde on August 17, 2011

Is dermatitis a sign of a food allergy? Can eating gluten and dairy cause acne?

Researchers are finding links between what we eat and the health of our skin, but the answers aren’t always clear cut.

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Are you indulging in this beauty treatment?

Posted by bodyverde on August 3, 2011

Sleep is the body's natural beauty treatment.

That’s according to Swedish researcher John Axelsson, who adds that sleep is “probably more effective than any other treatment you could buy.”

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