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The why and how behind BodyVerde

Posted by bodyverde on June 22, 2011

What made a mom of four young children, who already had a full-time job, find the time to research and create a new skincare product to treat eczema? What product is her hands-down favorite? What lessons has she learned when starting a new business?

Here are the answers to those questions and more, just published at

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Rashes, itches and sun spots be gone

Posted by bodyverde on June 14, 2011

Summer exposure to sun, heat and other elements – pool chemicals, insects and allergens – can leave you itchy, rashy and red.

We’re always looking for natural skincare products and home remedies. Here are a few that can help with your summer skin problems.

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Enter our Shave on the Go Contest

Posted by bodyverde on June 2, 2011

Does the Dad in your life like to travel or camp? Save time? Use fewer chemicals and less water?

Introduce him to EZ Waterless Shave and enter him in our first Shave on the Go Contest!BodyVerde EZ Waterless Shave

Our shaving formula is designed to be used anywhere, any time without water. Encourage your man to step away from the sink and see how easy “eco-shaving” can be.

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